Abortion is the Holy Sacrament of the Left

And they firmly believe the sentiment in this ad I found while reading an article on my phone.


However, I beg to differ, strenuously.  This is Abortion.

Found at Butcher Gosnell’s “Clinic”.

I really don’t know what lives they are supposedly saving, but it sure isn’t this one, or millions like it.  I would love to show this picture to the woman in the ad, and see what she says about it.  It is depraved.

Just today, from the state in which I live, comes the story:

Washington prepares for influx of patients from Idaho after strengthening abortion protections.  What did I tell you?

And, about the statement that safe abortion is a “human right”?  That is even more depraved, as it depends on another person providing a woman with the “service” of killing a child in her womb.  If another person can be forced to provide such a service against his or her will, that person is a slave.  Two deadly sins in one.

One thought on “Abortion is the Holy Sacrament of the Left

  1. smsgtret

    A bit of irony; in the 70s and 80s, I used to see the bumper sticker (all the time), “IF MEN COULD BECOME PREGNANT, ABORTION WOULD BE A SACRAMENT”. Now, here we are. Men still can’t become pregnant but the Left really has made abortion a sacrament. Go figure.

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