Finally, Tulips!

Once again, we drove up to the Skagit Valley to see the vaunted tulips which were still not blooming the last time we went.  And today was the perfect time, with dramatic skies, on-and-off rain and hail, and beautiful light.  This corner of the valley produces potatoes and other vegetables.

Plowed field, big skyThat plowed field in the foreground is some of the most fertile land in the US.

Barn with RobinAcross the road from this barn is a tall levee holding back the Skagit River.  There is a robin sitting at the apex of the roof.

Swans, ducks, clouds

Those are swans.  If you get closer, you see…

Swans and Ducks, SkagitDucks!  There must be a little creek running through this green field, which attracts swans, widgeons, and mallards.

A little farther down the road, you turn left onto another road and finally, tulips!

Still, the flowers haven’t completely opened up yet, and I estimate they will be in full bloom in a couple of days.  The colors are still pretty dramatic.

A little way down the road, it started to rain in earnest, so we headed toward the town of LaConner.  Just outside of town, we saw something dramatic.


A perfect end to a little excursion.  And this is only about 40 minutes from home.

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