Shame, Shame on the Seattle Times!

Over at, Jason Rantz of KTTH has an excellent article about an incident in Seattle that was wrongly reported by the Seattle Times, which continues to refuse to update their originally incorrect coverage.

Recently in Seattle a man admitted to the gruesome murder of his girlfriend.  His call to 911 was just released to the public, and in the recording he tells how he carried out the murder.

Police released the 911 call where they say Wells admitted to murdering Randee Rios. In the call, a calm but frustrated Wells said, “I’m reporting a murder.” As the 911 operator tried to ascertain details on what happened and why, Wells opened up.

“It was on my account,” Wells says to the operator.

“Hold on, you said the murder was on your account? What does that mean?” the operator responded.

“Yes, ma’am. That means, in the name of Allah, I murdered her,” Wells responded.

Please note my italicized phrase in the 911 recording.  The murderer admitted that his motive was “Allah”, for killing his girlfriend.  Unfortunately, the Seattle Times actively suppressed that part of the call, and will not update its coverage.  Here are further quotes from Rantz’s article:

Court documents made it clear that Wells “had been reading the Quran prior to Rios’ arrival and that verses in the Quran seemed to indicate to him that it would be necessary for him to kill Rios.” This detail didn’t make into on-air coverage from local outlets nor the Seattle Times. But Times reporter Sara Jean Green went a step further, claiming there was no motive presented by the prosecutors.


The 911 call audio is now available and makes it even more clear that Wells thought what he allegedly did was in service to Allah.

My colleague Dori Monson on KIRO Radio reached out to Jodie DeJonge, metro editor for the Times. Would they correct or update their story? Nope.

“This is a tragic, complicated story. At this time, we have no plans to revise it. We will continue to track this case,” DeJonge wrote.

So, in their Leftist attempt to protect the “oppressed group”, Muslims, the Seattle Times slants their coverage of a heinous crime, and denies their readers the Truth.

Shame on the Seattle Times!  And Thanks to Jason Rantz for bringing this media bias to the attention of the public, who deserve to know the truth, and not be fed Woke, Leftist Lies.

2 thoughts on “Shame, Shame on the Seattle Times!

  1. accordion2ray

    At first, I thought his expression was intended like, ‘I swear in God’s name this is the truth,’ but reading later it appears they made a connection with some kind of religious writings.

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