View From The 21st Floor-Birthday Dinner

Today, April 16, is my 73rd birthday.  Last night, Hubby and I went out for my birthday dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Daniel’s Broiler in downtown Bellevue.  We normally go there for both our birthdays, and on our anniversary in October.  We were not allowed to go there in 2020, as the Dictator in Olympia forbid indoor dining.  In 2021, we did go there, but were forced to wear masks, and put up with all the stupid “Covid precautions” mandated by the Health Nazis in King County and Olympia.

This year, there were no restrictions, and even the wait staff wore no masks.  We were fortunate that it was a very nice day, and we got a window table.  Daniel’s is on the 21st floor of the Hyatt Regency hotel in Bellevue, and we had a great view to the west.


Bellevue is undergoing a construction boom, and you can see the cranes testifying to that.  On the left in the picture are the buildings of the Bellevue Square mall, and there are cars parked on the roof, indicating that people are going shopping again.


The sky was pretty dramatic in the sunset over Lake Washington.


Up a little closer, you can see the Seattle skyline, and the Olympic Mountains in the distance.  Altogether, a nice birthday dinner.  We were lucky to get the best of the weather, too, as it started to rain as we were driving home.

Today, we are doing laundry and packing, for our road trip to Colorado starting tomorrow.  I will be posting pictures from the road, so stay tuned.

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