Snohomish County Health can go pound sand

It’s not about “public health” anymore, it’s about Control of The Population.  This story and graph appeared in the Mill Creek View, a free newspaper.  The two definitely tell exactly opposite stories.  Which would you believe?


The story tells you that the local public health “authorities” recommend that the always-obedient people resume mask wearing indoors in public places, because “Covid case counts” are increasing to a so-called “medium” level, from the formerly “low” level.  The story also should tell you that the authorities firmly believe that mask-wearing is an effective way of cutting down on new Covid infections, protecting the public from a respiratory virus that has been around since early 2020.

However, the graph underneath the story tells the opposite story.  The graph shows that mask-wearing has NO effect on Covid case counts, since it clearly shows the identical rates of infection in places which mandated masking, and those that did not.  So, what/who do you believe?  The authorities, or your lying eyes?  Except that your eyes are not lying, they are showing you the truth, which the so-called “authorities” prefer to deny.  They can go pound sand.

One thought on “Snohomish County Health can go pound sand

  1. accordion2ray

    Vaccinated and boosted people are making up an increasing share of cases, hospitalizations and deaths. This shouldn’t be a secret to anyone by this point in time. So the increasing cases are an outcome of the policy of widespread vaccinations. States that did not push vaccines are not having as bad problems now and more of their residents likely are protected by natural immunity. Don’t get boosted if you haven’t. It will screw up your immune system. It won’t protect you from the more recent variants and variants to come. And agree, masking provides nearly no protection against a respiratorily transmitted virus. Stay healthy my friend.

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