CFFC: Going around in circles, and leaning into the curves

My head is already spinning at this week’s Fun Foto Challenge topic.  Like this:

Rides after dark and at twilight on the Santa Monica Pier.

And this:

FerrisWheel, Puyallup Fair 2021

Ferris wheel at the Washington State Fair.  All the other rides go around in circles, too, don’t they?


Barrels of whisky at the Jack Daniels Distillery in Tennessee.

Metal-shaving tower

Curves and curlicues in the metal shavings.


This sculpture by Gerard Tsutakawa is titled “Sun, moon and stars”.


Can you figure out what this is?  Every Sunday, I strip our bed and wash the sheets, and this is our electric blanket on the floor.  I am peeved that the color doesn’t display accurately, and I will have to do some fooling around with it, but I have always loved its gentle curves and ridges.

Then, my buddy comes around to help me.


And Kikyo has her own circles and curves!  Those eyes are mesmerizing!

Here’s the Link to Cee’s Original Post.

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