CMMC: Midweek Madness. Letter “H”

In my life, the most important thing that starts with the letter “H” is Hillsdale.  Ever since we found out about the College in Michigan, which teaches Classical values, Western Civilization, and the Liberal Arts, my husband and I have been big supporters of the small school which accepts NOT ONE PENNY of government money, at any level.  No federal or state student loans, no funds of any kind.  We are endowing a scholarship there.  The College has dozens of free Online Courses taught by Hillsdale faculty, and are available on its Web site.  Here are some scenes from the Hillsdale campus.





Hundertwasser House, in Vienna, Austria.

Hundertwasser House Vienna 1996



Hillside, on US Highway 2 in Eastern Washington.


And back to Vienna.  Hofburg, seat of the city government.

Hofburg, seat of Vienna city government

Hawaii, the Big Island.  Hilo!

Harbor, or as the Canadians spell it, Harbour.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your round-the-world “H”: tour!

Here’s the Link to Cee’s Original Post for this week.

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