Why do so many in government and media ignore what’s staring them in the face regarding Covid vaccines?

It seems that the Dictator of Washington State, and his Lieutenant Dictator have both tested positive for Covid-19.  Both people have been fully-vaccinated and had their booster shots, just like their Overlords in the CDC recommended.  Here is what he said:

“I am experiencing very mild symptoms and am most glad I’m vaccinated and boosted,” Inslee said. “I hope others consider getting their booster because it’s very effective in preventing serious illness.”

Remember early in 2021 when we were told that we all needed to get vaccinated right away, because the vaccine would protect us from getting sick and spreading the deadly virus to others?  Do you actually remember when the Overlords stopped telling us that the vaccines worked to prevent spread?  You don’t?  Well, maybe that’s because they never did, in spite of all the news stories of people, famous and not famous, getting Covid after having been vaccinated.  Even White House staff and congress-critters are getting Covid, in spite of masking indoors, being vaccinated, and having booster shots.https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210722/white-house-congressional-staff-members-test-positive

What is staring them in the face is the fact, demonstrated over and over again, that the vaccines do not work!  They allow spread of the virus, they allow people to become infected multiple times (Dictator and his wife had Covid last year), and vaccination with multiple boosters does NOT protect against infection!


What the vaccines do, on the other hand, is put young males in danger of heart inflammation, which can be deadly in itself and ruin a young athlete’s future career.  The vaccines can cause blood clots, especially in the elderly who are most likely to have been vaccinated.  The vaccines can cause anaphylactic shock, and Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  There have been thousands of reports of severe side effects from the vaccines, but you sure won’t hear government or media reporting on them, will you?

Of course not!  They are most interested in keeping the Emergency going, so they may have total power over you and the rest of Society.  Think I’m joking?  Biden just extended his “emergency” declaration for another 90 days, through the summer.  Want to lay bets on whether that so-called “emergency” will ever be allowed to lapse?  My bet is that the emergency will last forever.

One thought on “Why do so many in government and media ignore what’s staring them in the face regarding Covid vaccines?

  1. accordion2ray

    You omitted mention of seriously concerning effects on fertility, still births, nursing babies dying and becoming sick. There is a genocide of epic proportions brewing if the vaccines are not stopped with women of child bearing age. Multiple people writing about this on substack, eg Paul Alexander and others, Naomi Wolf on Rumble, etc.

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