Nautical Blue: Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge

This one was just too good to pass up.  Hubby and I have been on two cruises, where we saw many different aspects of the Pacific Ocean.  Nautical blue?  Of course!

These are the Pacific Ocean in the vicinity of Hawaii.  I had never seen the ocean that blue before.

These are from our trip to Alaska.  The right picture was just short of the Hubbard Glacier, and the water was full of ice from this glacier.  Which is also nautical blue.  Really.

Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

I do admit, however, that I am spoiled, living in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by water.  Our Puget Sound is an arm of the Pacific.


Puget Sound, from the deck of a Washington State Ferry.


Deception Pass State Park beach.  The waters of Deception Pass are the most treacherous for vessels in all the Puget Sound.  In the photo below, you can see the current itself, in the middle of the channel.


A little close to home, the peaceful beach at Edmonds.


Here’s the Link to the original post-thanks!

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