Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #202: Minimalism/Maximalism

When walking down any beach anywhere, I often keep my eyes on my feet, so as not to miss any pretty rocks or tiny animals.  Through the years, I have taken numerous photos of what I find by looking down.

So, what is this?  I’d love to get a mineral analysis of this blue stone with its striations.


Just a small portion of this.  The beach on the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana.


The beach was made up of fairly large stones, and was difficult to walk on, so it was easy for me to keep my eyes pointed down so I didn’t fall over.  It’s awe-inspiring, thinking of the origin of the rocks on that beach.  They were originally part of the mountain ranges surrounding Missoula.

Grand Canyon, South Rim

When you think of the Grand Canyon, this is what normally comes to mind.  But the expansive, maximalist view also encompasses some tiny elements.


That little tree is contributing to the widening of the Grand Canyon.

My camera seems to seek out the “big sky” wherever I am.  We sure found a variety of big-sky views on our road trip to Colorado and back.  This is Park County, Colorado.


Near Anaconda, Montana.

Road, Anaconda, MT

And outside of Davenport, in Eastern Washington.

Fields, Davenport, WA

I guess Maximalism is more my preference.

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