Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #203: Local Vistas

We are truly blessed to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  We are surrounded by water and mountains on all sides.  In our small city of Everett, Silver Lake is just a mile from our home.


Martha Lake is another couple of miles south of our house.


To the west is Puget Sound, with its many beaches, and ferry terminals.  The Washington State Ferry system is considered a “marine highway”, and relatives or friends from out of town are often treated to a ferry ride.

This is the Edmonds ferry in two seasons, Spring and Autumn.

We often go down to the Everett Marina, which is also on Puget Sound, to have dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, and walk along the docks to admire all the boats.


Just a short drive into the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, last weekend we noticed the Snoqualmie River at North Bend was running very high.

And if you drive west, following the river, you arrive at:

The spectacular Snoqualmie Falls, and its power plants which supply clean power to Seattle and its suburbs.

Sometimes, having your cell phone handy enables you to capture vistas that appear and disappear suddenly.  We were driving down I-405, and I noticed the gorgeous clouds.

But what would a post about local vistas be without at least one picture of our famous Mount Rainier?

Mount Rainier

And then,

Here’s the Link to this week’s Original Post.  And Patti’s. And Tina’s, too.

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