Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge: #Pink?

Let it be hereby known to all present that I Hate Pink!  I never wear pink, I don’t buy pink furniture or accessories, and I don’t like pink precious stones (red is my color).  However, that doesn’t mean that I ignore pink things around me, and sometimes even admire them.  For instance, when I bought my house in 2000, my real estate agent gave me a pink-flowering azalea for a housewarming present.  I planted it outside my front door, and it blooms most years.


This is it this year.  Not bad for a 22-year-old bush.  This year’s rain has helped, I’m sure.

At the job I just finished, a coworker was a total cat person.  Her mouse-pad, drinking cup, and purse all featured cats.  I really liked this particular bag she carried, with its pink-cheeked cats.


And a few weeks ago, when Hubby and I were out for dinner, I looked up and spotted these pink-tinged cumulus clouds.

Pink-tinted clouds

On my way to work at my old job, I often passed some beautiful flowering trees, probably cherry trees.

Spectacular, aren’t they?

Sorry, everyone, I just have a bad case of Pink Overload!  Have a great week!

Here’s the link to Terri’s original post.

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