Wordless Wednesday: Come Outdoors with me

I understand from Terri’s Post this week, that June is Outdoors Month.  The photos below were taken outdoors in places we have been.  I am frustrated that my bad knee prevents me from doing much walking these days (re-injured my repaired ACL in left knee last week).  In any case, I’m no athlete, and the world’s worst klutz, but do enjoy that cliche activity, walking on the beach!


Deception Pass Beach


Dungeness Spit

Flock from afar
Mixed flock of shorebirds, Cape May, New Jersey

One of my favorite walks, Narbeck Wetland, is near the big Boeing factory in Everett.



Mount Rushmore National Monument


Hiking around the monument is pretty strenuous.

Diablo Lake Overlook, North Cascades

Even a well-groomed golf course is the “great outdoors”, and offers hiking opportunities.

Get outside!

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