Are you worried about high gas prices?

The header photo shows the level of gasoline prices in my neighborhood of Western Washington.  Our Dictator has said nothing about the high prices, probably because he is happy with them.  He thinks that, the higher the price of gas goes, the more of his subjects will buy expensive electric cars.  And he is happy to raise the cost of doing business for our one oil refinery in Washington State, by increasing the taxes on their output, and instituting an “export tax” on fuel shipped out of state.

Dictator Dimslee cares not a whit about the lower-earning people whose cost of getting to their jobs is skyrocketing, because he wants them to give up their own, individual, family cars for government “mass” transportation like buses or light rail.  Never mind that government transportation doesn’t go where they work, and if it does go there it will take twice as long to get to and from work.  Never mind that his Health Nazis have instilled abject fear of other people in the population, and made sitting in a bus with dozens of strangers a scary proposition.

And the Biden “administration” is also happy about the fast-increasing cost of motor fuel, and will do nothing to stop it, for the same reasons.  They are bullying the oil and gas industry into stopping new projects, and cutting off new oil leases and pipelines.  They are happy to see companies who employ thousands of Americans slowing hiring, and laying off employees, potentially destroying an entire industry.

Below is a quote from an article cited by a Ricochet friend.  It shows that they are doing it on purpose.

I’m afraid that the US may soon need the late Chinese leader’s economic pragmatism because of this truly scary article that recently appeared on The Conservative Treehouse site. The article’s topic was an interview by the ABC News commentator, George Stephanopoulos, with Biden’s Transportation Secretary, Peter Buttigieg, and it was about how to deal with the USA’s continuing economic crisis.

While answering Stephanopoulos’s questions, Buttigieg let slip what the Biden administration may actually intend for the US economy, and that’s to use the current inflation surge to Sovietize the American economy in the name of “equity.” During the interview, Buttigieg dropped the polite mask and openly stated that “…the Biden administration goal is to use the high cost of living (policy driven inflation) as an opportunity for the government to take over household expenses and create equity via government distribution.”

Buttigieg then went on to say that if “reasonable” people didn’t act quickly, the Biden administration would move to use tax dollars to “subsidize” most facets of Americans’ life ranging from medical care to transportation costs.

If that doesn’t scare you, then nothing will.  The government that Americans elected hates them, and wishes them harm, and subjugation.  Your mission, should you choose to vote in your state’s primaries and general elections, is to throw all DemocRats out of office.

One thought on “Are you worried about high gas prices?

  1. accordion2ray

    An important question one must consider before casting a vote for any political party who have the power to install various experts in the governmental bureaucracies is, whose welfare will these experts be acting on behalf of? It is no longer a safe assumption neither that they will act to promote the general welfare nor if their policies fail that the failure is on account of incompetence.

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