CFFC: Landscapes and Waterscapes

What do you think of when someone says landscape?  The wide-open spaces of the prairie?  Big mountain ranges in the distance?  And what is a waterscape?  The ocean?  A winding river?  How about all of the above!

Just last Sunday, we drove home from Leavenworth on US Highway 2.  It was a beautiful day, and we weren’t in any hurry, so we found a little roadside park and stopped to admire the view.  Here’s the waterscape we saw.

Waterscape-WenatcheeRiverThat’s the Wenatchee River.  A little farther on, we were able to see both the waterscape and the landscape of Tumwater Canyon.


It had been a pretty wet year up until now, and nature was filling in the spots between the fire-damaged trees from fires in previous years.  I think the people who live in the neighborhood are thankful for all the rains.

On our two cruises, to Alaska and to Hawaii, we were treated to plentiful waterscapes.

All four are the Pacific Ocean.  The top left and middle photos are from our Hawaii cruise, and the top right and bottom are from our Alaska cruise.  It’s the Blue Pacific, alright!

As far as landscapes go, it’s wonderful to be able to view a landscape from above, in an airplane.  The picture below is Tennessee.


This one is the Southwest.  Recognize it?

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon from the air

One of our favorite landscapes is our beloved Skagit Valley, with its fertile fields.

And the Skagit has waterscapes, too.  The Swinomish Channel fronts the town of LaConner.

Here’s the Link to Cee’s Original Post for this week.

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