The US Supreme Court made a momentous 2nd Amendment decision this year…

In the case of NY Rifle & Pistol Association vs Bruen, the Supreme Court invalidated a New York law that unduly burdened the right to carry a concealed weapon outside the home.  Previously, the state of New York had required applicants for a concealed-carry permit to demonstrate “proper cause” for requesting such a permit.  The Justices, led by Justice Clarence Thomas, declared that the New York law was too strict, and too subjective in allowing the state to decide what was a proper cause for carrying a concealed weapon outside the home.

After that decision, there have been the expected meltdowns by the Leftist media and governments in blue states.  And now, those states have communicated their responses to the reduction in their power to determine concealed-carry rules.  On June 30, the Wall Street Journal published an article with the following headline. “States Rewrite Gun Laws after Supreme Court Ruling“. [behind paywall, so no link]  Here is a quote from that article, italics mine.

On Thursday, New York lawmakers will vote on a bill that would require people applying for a concealed-weapons permit to attend in-person training sessions and let officials access their mental-health records during a background check, according to people briefed on the measure.

The bill is expected to be approved by the Democratic-controlled state Legislature.

New York’s legislation would also prohibit the possession of guns in government buildings, courthouses, public transportation, hospitals and “places where children gather”, including zoos, parks, playgrounds and educational institutions… Possessions of a handgun in a private business would be banned unless the business expressly allowed people to carry

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like New York is making it even more onerous and difficult for their citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  In New York City, most citizens do not own cars, and if they can’t concealed-carry on public transportation, doesn’t that prohibit them from carrying their firearm outside the home?  The 2nd Amendment states that the citizen’s right to keep and bear arms Shall Not Be Infringed.  New York’s new conditions appear to be a huge infringement of their citizens’ rights under the Constitution.  Would you want your state government to be able to access your private medical records if you want a concealed-carry permit?  I do believe that the HIPAA regulations make that illegal for governments.  So, in order to carry your legal firearm, a citizen would have to give up another of his rights!


The WSJ article also tells how the legislatures of New Jersey and California are also passing similar restrictions on lawful gun ownership.  I foresee a raft of lawsuits from the blue states, since all the proposed laws infringe on the peoples’ 2nd Amendment rights.  I just hope the lawful gun owners of New York, California, and New Jersey have lots of time and money.  I predict that the US Supreme Court will have to revisit and strengthen the Bruen decision in the coming years.

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