Independence Day celebration

As we have done in previous years, Hubby and I packed the picnic dinner, new chairs, and blanket, and headed over to Bellevue to watch the fireworks.  Unlike last year, this year’s crowd was back to normal, filling the lawn at the Bellevue Downtown Park with picnic blankets, chairs, coolers, and even some shelters.

July 4 crowd Bellevue

And this was only looking in one direction!

As far as I was concerned, there was only one sad sight, in among all the celebrations, kids running around, bubble-fights, and food deliveries.

Sad-family masked July 4 Bellevue

This entire family was masked.  Two little girls, mom and dad, were outdoors with a breeze, and still wearing the useless masks.  I feel sorry for the two little kids especially, for whom the risk of getting Covid is vanishingly small.  Their social development will be stunted for the rest of their lives, in service to a giant hoax.  And they weren’t the only ones masked in the crowd.  I’d estimate about 15% of the happy people in the park were still wearing masks.

Here are some still photos from the fireworks that started at 10:00PM.

And some more!

And then the finale.

A great time was had by all, celebrating the birth of our great country.

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