Dispatch from the deteriorating Puget Sound area

Here in the Seattle area, like in many cities across America, we are seeing a deterioration of many different areas of society.  Public schools are failing, having been closed for many months during the Covid pandemic (by governments).  Parents are pulling their kids out of public schools, so reduced numbers of students lead to less state support, which is based on pupil counts.  One of the reasons for this, is the trend toward Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools.  In Seattle:

Seattle Public Schools budget focuses goals exclusively focusses on black students, leaving others behind.

Seattle has a very high Asian population, and Asian parents are pulling their kids out of public schools in Seattle, and moving their families to Bellevue and elsewhere.

Abortion is the Holy Sacrament of the DemocRat Party, and Seattle is owned by the far-left of that party. King County taxpayers are now going to fund women from other states seeking abortions in Washington.  The Left desires the extinction of the human race, and this is the way they help it along.

Kenmore pregnancy clinic vandalized as surge continues across Washington.

Rantz: Amid anti-church hate crimes, Democrat Senator celebrates pro-life vandalism.  What did I say about abortion being the holy sacrament of the Left?

Two Seattle-area churches vandalized. One story keeps getting stranger.

Tacoma Police seeking to increase force to 30% women by 2030.  Please tell me how that will increase the effectiveness of policing in Tacoma.  But it may get brownie points from the Far Left.  Just what the crime-plagued citizens of Tacoma need.

Medical malpractice turns to corporate fraud allegations at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  One of the most prestigious children’s hospitals in the country has had a continuing problem with a fungus infestation in its air-handling systems, which went uncorrected for years.  Children in the OR acquired systemic fungal infections during surgery, leading to illnesses and deaths.  From having worked there in the pharmacy for five years, I know how difficult it is to treat systemic fungal infections-there are few drugs to treat them, and treatment can take many months.  This is a major scandal.

Citizen’s group seeks to slow Whatcom’s uptick in trailhead smash-and-grab robberies.  Crime is not just in inner cities.  King County also has an increasing occurrence of robberies at trailheads.

Two teens arrested for shooting 14-year-old girl as community grieves.

And then, there’s the story of the Bellingham Schools Superintendent, who just so happens to run a sex shop in town.  She holds classes there for very young students, teaching 9-year-olds about sexual pleasure.  This story made the national news.

Man suffers critical injuries in stabbing at Bellevue Transit Center.

Dozens of shots fired in Lake City, one person arrested, 14-year-old injured.

Renton police investigating shooting that left one dead.

Why does this sound like Sodom and Gomorrah to me?

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