Sunday Stills, Monthly Color Challenge: Seeing Red All Over!

Red is my favorite color.  In fact, I finally got the chance to have a red house!  In our complex, with its detached condos, we get re-painted every five years or so, and we were up last year.  I finally got the “barn red” I’ve always wanted, and we get lots of compliments.  It sure makes the house easier to find among all its pastel neighbors.  And I drive a red car.  Here they are together.  One red thing inside another.


Last night, we went out to dinner.  At Red Robin!  Just outside the door is a nice red metal bench.


When we were in Leavenworth in June, I was intrigued by this red bush, which turns out to be a cultivar of Barberry, called “Orange Rocket”.  It’s really red.  And has thorns that are easy to miss if you’re not careful.


Autumn is my favorite season, and my Japanese Maples in the back yard turn a beautiful shade of red.

Fluffy-AutumnRed Japanese Maple

My husband nicknamed this one “Fluffy”, just after we got married.  It always makes me smile.

RedIvyWall11-19, Bellevue Square Mall

This wall covered in red ivy is found at a local shopping mall.

Red is the color of Communism, as in Red China.  But in America, Red also stands for Conservative, and Red States have less-oppressive laws than the leftist Blue States (like my own state).  Be that as it may, my favorite color is still red, I will always drive a red car, and I love drinking my favorite Cherry Coke Zero, in its red can!

Here’s the Link to Terri’s Original Post for this week.

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