Mask Mandate Mentioned Again

King County, Washington, is in a “high” Covid transmission condition, so as usual the Health Fuhrer has said that they are considering mask mandates again.  That means it’s time for Calling-all-RushBabes to post some new “mask memes”.  MASKS DO NOT PREVENT TRANSMISSION OF ANY VIRUS.  They are just virtue-signaling now.


I believe the above to be especially true in Western Washington.



And Health Nazi Fauci, who is 5X “vaccinated”, recently got Covid, started his recovery, then had a relapse!  Tell me again why we are being forced to get shots and wear masks?


Colleges have been the worst at requiring all students to wear masks on campus.


Like this.

Sad-family masked July 4 Bellevue

And, lastly, may I again post my very favorite mask meme.

I Will Not Comply.

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