Might there be a use for a smartphone in Feudal-era Japan?

Hubby first introduced me to Japanese Anime before we were married, and now I’m hooked too.  We watched the entire series of Inu Yasha, where the modern girl Kagome Higurashi time-travels through her grandfather’s sacred well, and ends up in the medieval period.  She has all sorts of adventures with her dog-half-demon friend Inu Yasha, and in the end decides to remain with him in the past.

A spinoff series, Yasha Hime, tells the story of three girl demon-slayers who also time-travel.  One of the girls is the daughter of Kagome and Inu Yasha, making her a quarter-demon, named Moroha.  The other two are twins, Towa and Setsuna, who are the daughters of Inu Yasha’s full-demon brother, Sesshomaru.  The two little girls get separated in a forest fire, and Towa is hurtled into the Present Day, right through the sacred well in Kagome’s back yard!  Kagome’s family is quite familiar with time travelers, so they welcome Towa, and Kagome’s brother Sota takes her in, and raises her like his own daughter.  Except for the fact that the girl loves to fight, so she has a pretty wild life in the present.

When all three girls travel back to the Feudal period, Towa discovers that she still has her smartphone with her.  Of course, she won’t be able to use it as a phone, or recharge it after it loses its charge.  But I had an idea of how she might be able to make use of it while it still has charge left.

I thought that it might make a pretty good demon-fighter if she uses her camera function.  Now, demons have no idea that such an object might exist, and might be very surprised, and maybe frightened, if Towa were to take their picture with her device.  All she’d have to do would be to show the demon the picture, and tell him “See, I Captured You!  I have you right here, and you are at my mercy!”  I’m guessing that a demon might get the hell out of there, rather than cope with the girl with the “demon capture” device.

What do you think?  Might a smartphone be a good tool for the lady demon-slayer?  At least until it ran out of charge.

3 thoughts on “Might there be a use for a smartphone in Feudal-era Japan?

    1. Most of the demons the girls encounter are not too bright. And the intro shows Towa riding a bike she brought with her, and a charger hooked up! Kagome brought her bike with her early in the series, and she is often shown riding with Inu Yasha on the back!

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