Cool water, for a hot summer day

I’m pretty sure that most of my readers, if not all, are going through a heat-wave right about now.  You may be wondering how to cool off, when the outside temperature rises into the 90s.  So I have gotten together a bunch of photos, of lakes and rivers, to help you get through the sweltering summer.

tranquil Beaver Lake

Last weekend, we sent to the Beaver Lake Preserve, on the Sammammish Plateau east of Lake Washington.  I’m betting there are a lot more people in the water today than were last weekend.


The wind is often blowing, on Puget Sound between Jetty Island and the North Everett waterfront.


The deep green Wenatchee River flowing through Tumwater Canyon.

Lakeshore, Martha Lake

The shore of Martha Lake, just south of where I live.

Swinomish Channel, LaConner 2018

Swinomish Channel, in LaConner.

Breakwater, Edmonds WA

Edmonds breakwater in November.  This should cool you down!

fountain to play in-Waterfront Place Everett

This fountain at Waterfront Place was designed to play in.  The columns of water have lights, and there is music too.  Kids should love it.

These two shots of Roughlock Falls should not only contribute coolness, but tranquility.  I know it did for us, on our South Dakota trip in 2020.

Finally, a couple of videos to add some sound to your cool.

This one is in the Descutes River Gorge in Tumwater Falls Park, in Olympia, Washington.  It’s one of our favorite places to go.

This one is Logan Creek, in Glacier National Park.

I hope this little watery interlude contributes to your summer.

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