Picnic dinner at Silver Lake Park

On July 28, I packed a picnic dinner, and went down to Silver Lake Park to watch the kids and the ducks and geese swim.  It was a beautiful, warm evening.  The kids were having lots of fun diving off the dock and yelling.

Swimmers-kids and ducks-Silver Lake

There were people out on their paddle-boards too.

Swimmers and paddlers-Silver Lake

And the ducks didn’t seem to mind the people in their water, either.

Swimmers-kids and ducks-Silver Lake

These majestic Canada Geese lined up to swim across.  We have huge flocks that stay here all year round.

Geese in a line

And then, there were the mama ducks with their ducklings.

Moms and ducklings-Silver Lake

There was also one juvenile duckling, not quite ready to leave mama yet.  You can see his tiny little wings, not suitable for flying yet.

Moms and juvenile ducks-Silver Lake

Here are some ducks near the edge of the lake where there is a raft of water-lily pads.

Ducks and Lily pads-Silver Lake

I took some video to post over on my Rumble site.  Please drop by!

Duck, Duck, Goose.


As I was getting ready to go home, the twilight made the trees really stand out.

Trees-twilight-Silver Lake

I enjoyed my little picnic, for absolutely no cost.  Happy Summer!

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