Terri’s Sunday Stills Challenge. Dessert? or Desert? Or both?

I checked, and I can’t find any place where dessert and desert happen at the same time.  So I thought I’d highlight a little of both.  Multiple times, we have gone to Arizona for Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminars.  Of course, much of the state is desert, so it’s really simple to take photos of the desert!  One year, we had a few hours before our flight left, so we visited the Desert Botanical Gardens.  This is a sight NOT to be missed!  We were amazed at the myriad varieties of cactus they have there, along with the other native plants.

I called the one on the right “tree-eating cacti”, since it did look like the cactus was consuming the tree.  Almost alien-looking, isn’t it?

Another year, we took a day and drove up to Prescott, to visit a Ricochet friend who lives there.  Hey, Terri, I’m sure we went by the same places!


Desert scenery is nice, but we are happy to take it in small doses.   Many people I know have moved there for retirement, but we won’t be following them any time soon.  Visits?  Of course!

Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona
Vermillion Cliffs, Northern Arizona

The Arizona desert isn’t 100% flat, either.  I’ve always been impressed by the red-rock bluffs and buttes found everywhere in the desert West.

Here in our state of Washington, the east side of the state has deserts, too.  This is just outside of Ellensburg.


Now, Desserts?  Youngsters these days have a penchant for taking photos of their food when they go out to eat, and posting them to their favorite social media sites.  Since I don’t participate in dangerous social media, this blog is primarily where I post my photos.  I have only had my smartphone since 2019, but I have photographed some memorable desserts.  It’s interesting that they were all in connection with Hillsdale seminar meals.  Their caterers sure know how to serve interesting desserts, too!

All three of the above fancy desserts were from Hillsdale meals.  They are almost too pretty to eat!  But they were consumed anyway, and enjoyed.  And here’s one more.


This raspberry tart was delicious, too.  I’m pleased to be able to leave you with something sweet!

Here’s the Link to Terri’s Original Post for this week.

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