Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #210: My Three Favorites

I’m definitely not a professional photographer, so none of my photos have been published, except right here on my blog.  And it’s really hard to choose favorites, since everything I post here is a memory, and brings back to life places I’ve been.

My first favorite photo is especially meaningful, since I took it on my honeymoon.  We went to Victoria, British Columbia, on the Victoria Clipper.  We had Clipper Vacations do up a tour for us, and the first day we arrived, we went straight to the famous Butchart Gardens as our first stop.  This photo is so beautiful that I keep it as my desktop background on my home computer.

ButchartLookingDown, Victoria BC
Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC

I took this from the very top of the garden, looking downwards.  Every square inch of the place that’s not a pathway is a garden plot, and everything just goes together so well.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better garden.

Funny, but my second favorite was also taken in Victoria!  This one was a later year, and was taken from the balcony in our hotel room.  When we went there in later years, we always stayed at the same place, which has spectacular views of the Inner Harbour.  We could watch ferries come in, and seaplanes land, pretty much all day long.

Harbour Air Plane landing at Sunset, Victoria Inner Harbour

There are at least three seaplane airlines which fly into Victoria, and we would see all three.

My third favorite was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.  How often do you get to watch a volcano erupting from the deck of your cruise ship?  Not often, I’d guess.  In 2018, we went on a cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii and back, with Hillsdale College.  The Kilauea volcano was erupting at that time, and we were treated to over an hour of our ship sitting about 1.5 miles offshore, while we watched, listened, and smelled the volcano’s eruption.  I took photos with my little Canon point-and-shoot camera, and video with my iPod Touch.  I can’t believe how well everything came out!

Kilauea erupting

Here’s a link to the video I posted over at my Rumble site.

Thanks for the opportunity to show you my favorites!  Have a good week, everyone!

Here’s the Link to Sarah’s Original Post for this week.

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