Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #210: My Three Favorites

I'm definitely not a professional photographer, so none of my photos have been published, except right here on my blog.  And it's really hard to choose favorites, since everything I post here is a memory, and brings back to life places I've been. My first favorite photo is especially meaningful, since I took it on …

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Boat, Waterfront Place Everett

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #207: Seeing Double

Double trouble.  Double indemnity.  Double-cross.  My photos for "seeing double" aren't all reflections, but they are all double.  How about this formidable pair of musicians, the Eyer Sisters? Both young ladies are excellent musicians, and they stole the show at the Accordion Celebration this year. On my outings to the new Waterfront Place development on …

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #177: Celebrating

In this year of government oppression of the people of our country, sometimes it's hard to find anything to celebrate.  I remember March of 2020, when the government locked down society (except for what it deemed "essential" activities).  The weekend after the lockdown started, I decided to celebrate my independence, and refusal to accept government …

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CFFC-Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Reflections and Shadows

So, what motivated my friend Cee to choose reflections and shadows for this week's fun challenge?  I see, she fell right into my hands...  Reflections and shadows are some of my very favorite photographic subjects! Bodies of water are excellent for reflections, aren't they?  Especially if the water is flat, mirror-like.  The waters of Silver …

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #159: Postcards

In 1991, I went to Cambridge, England on a three-week summer program run by UCLA. At that time, I lived in Seattle. I knew that I was going to be meeting new people from all over the US and England, and I remembered something I had read in a magazine somewhere. It suggested that you …

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Lens-Artists Challenge #106-Autumn

Autumn has always been my favorite season.  Warm weather does not agree with me, and I prefer the crisp air of autumn to heat and humidity.  Here on the West Coast, we don't have the hardwood forests found on the East Coast, but we do get some of the fall colors. We went to Victoria, …

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Goodbye old friend, farewell to my trusty old camera

I'm pretty old-fashioned.  I don't own a smartphone, and most of  my photography is done with an advanced point-and-shoot camera.  I loved my Canon SX20IS camera, not the least because it operated on four AA batteries.  I never had to worry about its battery dying, because I always kept a spare set of batteries in …

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Autumn Reflections

Autumn is my favorite season.  Hot weather doesn't agree with my body very much, and I always welcome the onset of autumn.  The kids are back in school, the air is cool, and the sun still makes its appearance on most days.  Here are some reflections of autumn that I have captured, mostly around home …

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Sigh…Final Photo Challenge…All-time Favorites

I am SO sad that the Photo Challenge by the editors at WordPress is ending.  It gave me something to look forward to each week, and a reason to mine my photos for just the right picture. And it's so difficult to find the all-time favorite.  But, since it has to be done, I did …

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Photo Challenge….Serene

At the marina on the Inner Harbour of Victoria, British Columbia, this morning shot of the boats, and the very calm water.  Gentle ripples, and no one stirring this early.  The world seemed to be holding its breath. I loved the boats-such a wide variety, with no two even remotely alike. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/serene/