CFFC-Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Reflections and Shadows

So, what motivated my friend Cee to choose reflections and shadows for this week’s fun challenge?  I see, she fell right into my hands…  Reflections and shadows are some of my very favorite photographic subjects!

Bodies of water are excellent for reflections, aren’t they?  Especially if the water is flat, mirror-like.  The waters of Silver Lake reflect the beautiful clouds above, and the trees and houses around the lake, in this photo from about a year ago.


The calm water of the LaConner Marina reflects the boats moored there.

Afloat at LaConner Marina

And the calm water of the Victoria, BC Marina reflect an entirely different set of boats.

Calm reflections in the water of the Inner Harbour, Victoria, BC

My desk at work, right under a west-facing window, gives me lots of shadow opportunities in the afternoon.



Speaking of glasses, this water goblet casts a shadow that looks like a flower.


Thanks, Cee!  This was Fun!





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