For Thanksgiving: A cornucopia of Learning, featuring accurate History and other rarely-found information

Central Hall, Hillsdale College

Just where, you ask, can you find accurate history and the Truth, in these days of fake news and doctored history?  You can find almost everything you need at Hillsdale College, and most of it is absolutely free.  Yes, I said “Free”.  Let’s start with Hillsdale’s most valuable contribution to the citizens of the United States of America: Hillsdale Free Online Courses.  Since 2011, Hillsdale has offered a variety of free online courses, featuring video lectures by distinguished Hillsdale faculty.  From Western Civilization, to History, Mathematics, Literature, and Economics, the sheer magnitude of Hillsdale online courses is awe-inspiring.  And every single one is offered free of charge.  Now, they do put out a big book of readings for each course, and the book costs money, but you can get along without one if necessary.

In any case, when you go to the Hillsdale Web site at, you will find at the top of the main page a link to Online Courses.  When you click that link, you will find a list of the many courses they offer to the public.  Below is a list of only some of the courses currently on offer.  New courses are being compiled all the time, and it’s easy to get on the Hillsdale mailing list, so you can get advance notice of new courses.  Today you can find courses in many fields.

History:  American Citizenship and its Decline (taught by Victor Davis Hanson); The Great American story: A Land of Hope (highly recommended for parents to watch with the kids); The Second World Wars; American Heritage: From Colonial Settlement to the Current Day; Athens and Sparta; Western Heritage, from the Book of Genesis to John Locke; Winston Churchill and Statesmanship.

Politics:  Constitution 101 and 201; Congress:  How it Worked and Why it Doesn’t; Civil Rights in American History; Introduction to the Constitution; The US Supreme Court; and many more.

Literature:  The David Story: Shepherd, Father, King; The Genesis Story: Reading Biblical Narratives; Dante’s Divine Comedy; The Young Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey; Classic Children’s Literature, and more.

You get the idea.  Since Hillsdale was founded in 1844 on the basis of Sound Learning and Intelligent Piety, the College has been a beacon of true Education in America, and we know that is greatly needed today, where education at all levels has turned into Leftist indoctrination.

Many people’s introduction to Hillsdale comes through Imprimis, their monthly speech digest that, again, is free.  If you go to the Hillsdale main Web page, there is a link at the top where you can sign up to receive Imprimis.  Highly recommended.

Just this week, I received an email from Dr. Kathleen O’Toole, Assistant Provost for K-12 Education at Hillsdale, describing their new History and Civics Curriculum.   This is really exciting, in that it is free and available for download.  Here is a quote from her email to me.

Recognizing the critical moment in which we live and in response to hundreds of requests from concerned Americans, Hillsdale College has authored a complete curriculum of American history and civics lessons for K-12 classrooms. This curriculum is modeled on the civic education students at Hillsdale-affiliated K-12 schools receive, is created by teachers and professors, and is applicable to any kind of K-12 school: public, private, charter, and homeschool. We believe it is the most comprehensive and highest quality history and civics curriculum now available. And it is entirely free.

I find this to be the right program at the right time in the United States.  Especially since the government response to the Covid pandemic has decimated K-12 education for nearly two years, this new curriculum promises to be a boon for all parents, and children who missed a good part of their schooling.

So you can see that Hillsdale College offers something for everyone, of all ages and walks of life.  Cost is no problem, since everything is free.  And parents with children approaching college now have an alternative to the rest of higher education, which has produced so many ill effects lately.  If you want your offspring to be educated, and not indoctrinated in Leftist ideology, send them to Hillsdale [warning: Hillsdale is a selective school, and requires top grades for admission].

This Thanksgiving, I intend to give a huge Thanks for Hillsdale College, which has given me the opportunity to extend my own learning, and to help them extend real Education to the rest of America.  I urge you to consider donating to Hillsdale, who accepts Not One Penny of Government Money at any level.  Your donation will be well-spent, in their mission of fostering Learning, Character, Faith, and Freedom.

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