Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #216: Urban Environments

Thinking back on the past three years, it occurs to me that we have pretty much stayed out of big cities, both at home and on vacations.  In the last three years of Covid madness, I have only been to Seattle once, for a private concert at the new Center for Chamber Music, which Hubby and I have supported with donations.  Aside from the wonderful little concert, my memory is not pleasant, consisting of the drug-users passed out in the doorway of a business we passed on our way to the car after the concert.  I was born and raised in Seattle, and I am sorry to see my hometown today.  So here are a few photos of what Seattle used to be.


This is a view of old and new in downtown Seattle.

In 2012, we decided to “play tourist” and take the “Ride the Ducks” tour of Seattle.  The amphibious vehicles leave from the south end of Lake Union, drive right into the water, and cruise the lake.


Remember the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”?  Here are some houseboats on the lake.  They are some of the most expensive real estate in the city, and there’s not even land under them!  Many fancier ones have been built since then.

Seattle2012-from water

Another Seattle feature-seaplane landing.

We visited New York in 2006 with my orchestra, to play here.

Carnegie Hall

Yep, that’s Carnegie Hall.  What a wonderful experience that was, appearing on the same stage as so many famous musicians.

In 2007, we went on a trip to Israel with Michael Medved.  We had a fair amount of free time in Jerusalem, and we walked all over.

Jerusalem from Hotel
Room 2115, Sheraton Jerusalem Plaza

That’s the view from our hotel room.  The view below is from the Old City.  See the cat?

Old City view
Jerusalem Old City Wall

We have a friend who is of Armenian extraction, so I made a point to visit the Armenian Quarter of the Old City.  I thought it was very beautiful.  I remember touching the walls as I walked by, “touching history”.

Armenian Quarter

When we returned to the US, we stayed a couple of days in New York City.  We walked all the way across Manhattan from West to East.  It isn’t a very long walk, and we saw a lot from ground level.  We also went to Brooklyn, especially for a concert given by a chamber group called Bargemusic.  Yep, their little concert hall was in a barge floating in the East River!


That’s Manhattan as seen from the barge.

We also went on a fun boat tour around Manhattan.  This is what we saw.


How about the view from those apartments!  There has been so much building in Manhattan, that view is probably totally different today.

We went to Victoria, BC on our honeymoon, and a few times since then.  Victoria is a low-rise city, compared to Vancouver.  But it’s surrounded by water.


Like Seattle, its waterfront is full of boats moored at marinas.  A large number of those boats are charters, or fishing vessels.

We seem to see a lot of our cities from the water!  Like on the two cruises we went on, to Alaska and Hawaii.


We did get to walk around the Alaska capital of Juneau.  It is surrounded by green hills on all sides, and its airport has one of the trickiest approaches in the world.  Many of those buildings date from the 1890s.


Then, there’s Honolulu!


The bottom photo is the “working waterfront”.

We don’t have any big trips planned for a while, so we will stick close to home.  Since we can’t get into Canada anymore, our travels will be confined to the US.  But our country is so big, we’ll never get to see it all.

Here’s the Link to Sofia’s Original Post for this week.  And Tina’s, too!

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