We must always remember, September 11, 2001

Most every adult alive on that day remembers where he/she was and what they were doing that sunny Tuesday morning.  I was making breakfast before work, and I had the TV on when the story broke.  I saw one of the towers that looked like it was on fire.  Since it was in New York, and I live on the West Coast, I didn’t pay too close attention.  But I heard more in the car on the way to work, on the radio news.  It said a plane had crashed into the tower of the World Trade Center, and my very first thought was “terrorists”.  How very correct I was.  Being Jewish, I do tend to pay attention to news of radical Islamic terrorists, who are out to rid the world of my people.

Today, over on Ricochet, one of my Family Members wrote a post, letting us know that he had been censored on Facebook, for linking to an Esquire article about September 11, and those unfortunate people high up in the towers, who, rather than being incinerated, jumped to their deaths and were captured on film by journalists.  You can read that excellent article HERE.  I urge my readers to click that link right now and read the article.

falling man

Here in America, the memory of September 11 has faded for many, and its lessons are not top of mind anymore.  That is very bad news, because all of us should be interested in knowing about, and remembering, those who wish America wiped from the Earth.  Just recently, we had a little demonstration of the effects of radical Islam, when a terrorist stabbed and seriously injured author Salman Rushdie in New York.  Just like the Left, Radical Islam never sleeps, and their jihad is never-ending.

And then, there’s the Leftist government in Washington, whose negotiators are working on a Plea Deal with the evil 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.  If this isn’t a blatant demonstration that our own government wishes America ill, nothing is!  Obama wanted to close Guantanamo Prison while he was in office, and the Evil Biden is still working on that.  We should all be horrified, since previously many convicted terrorists have been released, only to return to jihad and kill innocent Americans and others.

So, Followers, please take a moment to read the linked articles, and remember.  Keep in mind that Liberty is a fragile thing, and we need to maintain our vigilance daily.  This is especially true today, with the Left in power and continually eating away at our hard-won Freedom.  Remember, and Fight.

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