Covid and Covid vaccine news you have perhaps not seen

We are probably all aware that, since early 2020, the Federal government, the mainstream media, and all the Big Tech companies have been censoring all news stories, news outlets, and medical professionals whose information does not concur with whatever is the latest government “guidance”.  The Public has been denied news of the results of medical studies relating to pharmaceutical treatments for Covid, including cheap, generic medications like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.  This news, if communicated to the public and the medical practitioners all over the country, could have prevented thousands of deaths.

We have heard recently that the CDC has lied to the public, and concealed information that might have prevented vaccine-related deaths of young, healthy people.  Just today the CDC director admitted this!  Every day, new studies are released, showing the harms, and deaths, caused by the mRNA vaccines, and the general public is being kept in the dark.  We all know that Dr. Anthony Fauci, now Biden’s top Covid advisor, has continually lied to the public regarding the efficacy of masks, the efficacy of vaccines, and the origin of the SARS-CoV2 virus.

Through it all, one particular media outlet, The Epoch Times, has been publicizing all the information that the government, media, and big tech has been withholding from the public.  Today, Readers, I will now publish links below to a great deal of the vital information that has been kept from you for three years, in the service of Big Pharma and Big Government.  Click on those links, and be prepared to be horrified at everything that you should have known, but did not.  Then, when you have seen enough, go on over and subscribe to The Epoch Times, so you too can get the real news.

Study confirms vaccine-related myocarditis deaths for the first time.  9/13/22

FDA refuses to provide key Covid-19 vaccine safety analyses.  9/12/22

Judge orders Fauci, other top officials, to produce records for big government-tech censorship lawsuit.  9/7/22

Over 1,000 adverse reactions reported for vaccines administered to babies and toddlers.  9/2/22

Fauci emailed Collins about Chinese laboratory before secret call.  9/7/22

Study found foreign metal-like objects in 94% of symptomatic people who took mRNA vaccines.  9/7/22

CDC gave Facebook misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines, emails show.  9/6/22

Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness plunges against Omicron, says CDC.  9/2/22

Nanoparticles in mRNA vaccines change immune system, pre-print study shows.  9/1/22

And this is only the stories from September!  Keep reading below.

Stories of negligence at the hands of Covid-19 Hospital Treatment Protocols continue to show up.  8/30/22

Pfizer vaccine whistleblower responds to company request to dismiss false-claims lawsuit.  8/26/22  I highly recommend you read this article closely, because the allegations are just awful.

German scientists detail unusual toxic components found in Covid vaccines “without exception”.  8/25/22

Vaccinated making up higher proportion of Covid metrics in US.  8/24/22

Covid vaccine causes lung blockages: Multiple reports.  8/19/22

Remdesivir plays key role in Covid-related hospital deaths. 8/8/22

How masking contributes to long Covid.  8/15/22

Here’s how many Americans have new medical problem after vaccine-it’s stunning.  8/8/22

Mask mandates ineffective in Los Angeles, say UCLA, USC doctors.  8/16/22

Covid-boosted people get more bad news, Dr. Robert Malone explains why.   8/4/22  Look up Dr. Malone, and listen to everything the noted virologist has to say.  He has been censored, de-platformed, and slimed for three years for telling the truth.

Pennsylvania woman arrested, declined care, removed from doctor’s office for refusal to wear a face mask.  8/2/22  This is a tragic story.

Covid jabs impact both male and female fertility.  7/26/22

And this is possibly one of the worst.  The high government official responsible for the vaccine information and rollout.  This proves that the “conspiracy theorists” were right!!

Covid vaccines were “never going to protect against infection”, says Birx.  7/23/22

So, you get the idea.  If you had known any of the above information before taking a Covid-19 vaccine, would that have affected your decision to become vaccinated?  I know it would have changed mine. So we should be very careful not to believe anything coming out of the CDC going forward, knowing that they care nothing about “pubic health”, but are another arm of the totalitarian government in Washington DC.

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