Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #207: Seeing Double

Double trouble.  Double indemnity.  Double-cross.  My photos for “seeing double” aren’t all reflections, but they are all double.  How about this formidable pair of musicians, the Eyer Sisters?


Both young ladies are excellent musicians, and they stole the show at the Accordion Celebration this year.

On my outings to the new Waterfront Place development on the North Everett waterfront, I saw a number of doubles.  I was especially awed by this pair of huge outboard motors on a boat for sale there.


I was just sorry I couldn’t hear what they sound like when in the water.  My guess is they are pretty loud.

One boat or two?

Boat, Waterfront Place Everett


Just this afternoon, I spotted these two stalks of a plant just about to bloom.  They looked like asparagus, and I have no idea what they are.  They are about four feet high.


This photo of Silver Lake in autumn, with the clouds reflected in the water has been among my favorites.


And the calm waters of the Inner Harbour Marina in Victoria BC.

Calm reflections in the water of the Inner Harbour, Victoria, BC


The two leafless trees along the road in Montana-if only they could talk, they might have an interesting story to tell.

Finally, through the back slider door to our backyard, I saw two red-breasted nuthatches on the hanger for the big suet feeder.  One is the parent, and one is the fledgling.


Here’s the Link to Jez’s Original Post for this week.  Thanks for the great topic!

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