Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #211: My Photographic “Groove”

I gave this one a lot of thought.  I’m a rank amateur, and I mostly take photos and video with my iPhone.  I looked back at what subjects I most like to photograph, and that mean the most to me.  I decided that waterfalls and fountains are among my most favorite subjects.  I believe that running water was Nature’s Original Music, since there was running water on Earth before there was any life here.  I find the sound of running water or a splashing fountain incredibly soothing, and when I have been on a cruise my favorite activity is sitting on my balcony listening to and watching the water go by.  So here are some of my photos of waterfalls and fountains.

Yesterday, we took a drive up to the Diablo Lake Overlook, in North Cascades National Park.  That’s one of our most common day trips.  On the way back, we stopped at a little pullout near the Gorge Creek Overlook.  There is a waterfall there, but I discovered that from where we parked we couldn’t get to it.  So I got the next best thing.  A few yards away, there is another waterfall, from a tiny offshoot of the creek.

Gorge Creek-little waterfall

There are many tiny little streams from the one source.

Then again, another one of our favorite afternoon trips is to Snoqualmie Falls, not very far from home.  It provides hydroelectric power for the East Side of Lake Washington, and has done for over 100 years.  Quite the opposite of the little waterfall above.


And speaking of little waterfalls, here’s a teensy one I took some video of, off the path down beside Tumwater Falls in Olympia.  I named it “Fairy Falls”.

I thought it was just as beautiful as the Tumwater Falls itself.


And then, there are the man-made falls.  This one on the Wenatchee River near Leavenworth, used to be part of a power plant, but that is long gone.  The falls are still impressive.


And the water feature in Bellevue Downtown Park.  It’s mesmerizing if you look at it for a while.


On our trip to South Dakota in 2020, we stopped at Roughlock Falls.  I am always fascinated by shallow waterfalls at ground level.  This one was no exception-very beautiful.

I am also attracted to fountains-essentially man-made waterfalls.  Some are small enough to put in your house, but you have to watch for splashing.  This one is in downtown Kirkland, outside a little retail plaza. I like the way the water forms a little enclosure.


And this one has to be my very favorite fountain in our area.  It is a very simple concept-water flowing down a flat glass surface; but it has to be very carefully designed so that the water stays on the surface of the glass and doesn’t billow out, which would ruin the effect.  I took this video a couple of months ago, and when we go there I always stop to watch.

Wherever we go, if I see running water, I have to stop.  I give thanks that I have my phone with me always, so I don’t miss anything.  This is the shore of Beaver Lake.  The water is always moving.

Ripples-Beaver Lake

Here’s the Link to Anne’s Original Post for this week.  And a Link to Patti’s too.

6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #211: My Photographic “Groove”

  1. Beautiful images for this challenge! I loved the waterfalls. Water can certainly be a photo groove. My dear friend who passed away last year loved water too. I think she could smell it. She would make side trips on our photo outings if she saw a lake. Sometimes we didn’t make our destination.

  2. Thank you! We have a local mall with three fountains, made out of slices of the columnar basalt found in Eastern Washington. They are especially interesting to watch.

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