The Scourge of Homosexuality

Does it seem to you that the media are full of stories regarding various issues relating to homosexuality?  From the “Drag Queen Story Hours” being foisted upon five-year-olds in public libraries; to Pride Month parades; to the “normalization” of prostitution by re-naming its practitioners “sex workers”(in the Wall Street Journal, no less); every day’s news carries stories which can lead the public to believe that a large portion of the world’s population is homosexual.  This is far from the truth, but is occurring by design.  The more people you think may be homosexual in your world, the more likely you are to believe that homosexual behavior is normal and ordinary, when it manifestly is not.

This week, we have two newsworthy narratives.  The first is the spread of a new disease out of Africa, called “Monkeypox”.  Our Health Nazis in Washington have declared this viral disease a Public Health Emergency.  There have been about 8,900 cases identified in the US, and many more around the world, almost completely confined to the category of “men who have sex with men”, i.e. homosexual or bisexual men.  You see photos everywhere of long lines of men, waiting for their monkeypox vaccines.  Now, what the mainstream media might not tell you is that the major “events” which have led to the spread of this virus are Pride Events in various European countries, which included orgies attended by hundreds of homosexuals, with most having multiple partners.  Mass-sex parties are known to be popular among male homosexuals, but are rarely publicized.  This article shows the issue.  Here is a quote.  Bold-italics are mine.

Anonymous user “BabeRogersxxx” wrote a thread in which he described not being concerned about monkeypox in his area before developing serious symptoms after he slept with numerous men in a short time frame, including a 20-man “birthday orgy” for a friend. The overwhelming majority of cases in the ongoing monkeypox outbreak have been among gay men, but activists are warning not to stigmatize certain communities for being more susceptible to the virus.

And why not, pray tell, stigmatize homosexual men who spread viruses via mass orgies?  Well, maybe you would be advised against stigmatizing a particular “community” if that group were attempting to normalize such abnormal and destructive behavior.  And “more susceptible to the virus”?  No one needs to get this virus, since it is primarily spread by homosexual behavior!  Just like HIV, monkeypox is 100% preventable, but the homosexual lobby has managed to get the federal government to pay for the vaccine for this virus.  Think about that-the Homosexual Mafia has gotten the Federal Government to spend YOUR tax dollars on the vaccine to prevent their communicable disease!

But perhaps the worst outcome of this homosexual-spread virus is that children have been infected.  Just take a moment and think about that.  The virus is spread via intimate homosexual behavior.  Children are getting infected.  What does that seem to show?  First, that children in male-homosexual households might be at risk of acquiring a viral infection that they are not prepared for (it is shown that kids have more severe disease than adults).  So, how might they get infected?  You figure it out.

It has always been my opinion that homosexual couples should not have, or raise, children.  Every human child requires a Mother and a Father to grow into a healthy, socialized person.  Two men or two women simply cannot provide that.  Ever.  And our second story this week seems to prove me right.

In the state of Georgia, a homosexual couple has been arrested for sexually abusing and creating child pornography with their two adopted children (two brothers adopted together).  The story is from the Daily Wire, and may be behind a paywall, so I will quote from the article.

William Dale Zulock, 32, and Zachary Jacoby Zulock, 35, were booked last month at the Walton County Jail on pending charges related to aggravated child molestation and sexual exploitation of children, officials at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) said, according to NBC.

Both men were “engaging in sexually abusive acts and video documenting the abuse,” the sheriff’s office said, according to the outlet.

The couple’s home was raided on July 27, hours after authorities were tipped off by a third suspect who was allegedly downloading child sexual abuse material, NBC reported.

That story horrifies me.  I might want to have a talk with the adoption agency which placed those two little boys with this homosexual couple. This is just another indication that homosexuality is a scourge, and should never be normalized, celebrated, or encouraged.

And to top it off, just think of the symbols that the homosexual mafia has reduced to cinders.  They have made the rainbow, instead of being a symbol of light and happiness, a sign of perversion.  Whenever I see their rainbow flag, my mind says “perverts celebrated here”.  And homosexual behavior does not only spread HIV and monkeypox, it spreads the old diseases of syphilis and gonorrhea, both of which now are more antibiotic-resistant.  Pride should never be connected with destructive behavior.

2 thoughts on “The Scourge of Homosexuality

  1. Percival

    Is it stigmatization to state that a segment of the population might be more susceptible due to a particular behavior than others are? There are undoubtedly gay male couples who due to their behavior have nothing to worry about. Should they say that?

    Sometimes, it seems that monogamous behavior is the behavior under attack.

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