The Abortion Culture of Death Reigns in Seattle

Shortly after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade, returning the control of abortion to the States, the Leftists who run Seattle and the State of Washington vowed to do all they could to “protect abortion rights in our area”.  This week, new Mayor Bruce Harrell signed a constellation of bills into law, that protect any woman’s “right” to what they call “seek abortion care” in the city.  It is well-known that abortion is the Holy Sacrament of the Left, and there are few farther-left cities than Seattle.  Here are some quotes from the article linked above.  You really need to click on that link, to see the photo of the signing ceremony.  It’s priceless.  Italics mine.

“Ultimately, these bills reflect our efforts as a city, they’re based on safety,” said Harrell at a City Hall bill signing ceremony. “We want every woman and person seeking an abortion to be able to make their decisions to seek reproductive justice with safety.” …

The following bills were signed into law:

  • CB 120374  adds people who have received or are seeking abortions as a protected class, ensuring their civil rights’ protections.
  • CB 120376  creates a misdemeanor charge for people who encroach on individuals seeking abortions or gender-affirming care.
  • CB 120375  establishes Seattle as a sanctuary city for those seeking abortion care and prevents pursuit of out-of-state warrants related to abortions by Seattle Police.
  • CB 120366  appropriates $250,000 of city funds to fund expanded access to reproductive healthcare by making an investment in Northwest Abortion Access Fund.

So now Seattle is not only a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, it is a sanctuary city for abortion.  The Culture of Death protects those seeking death for their unborn children.  But, even worse, are new laws planned by the City Council.  Not only will they be promoting their Culture of Death, the will be regulating the Culture of Life:

Morales also notes that she was not done passing new abortion protections, announcing her hope to soon pass legislation to regulate crisis pregnancy centers. Crisis pregnancy centers, Morales explained, are conservative Christian organizations that work to persuade pregnant people against having abortions. They often appear to operate as abortion clinics by providing contraception and health services, but they do not actually provide this information about abortion once a patient enters, instead redirecting them to adoption or other alternatives.
Seattle is disgusting.  Avoid it if at all possible.

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