I say, “Let them burn”

I saw a news story today about firefighters in Seattle.  It seems that, sometimes when the Seattle Fire Department responds to a fire, people at the site attack them.  Yes, people are attacking city firefighters! If you know anything about the modern city of Seattle, you know that it is riddled with homeless encampments all over; in city parks, on residential streets, and on the sidewalks of downtown.  City homeowners and business owners constantly complain to the authorities about the filth, used needles, and assault coming out of the homeless tent-cities.  With very little being done.

So, now, the homeless are attacking the firefighters who come to put out the fires at the encampments.  Homeless camp fires are now occurring regularly, and are taxing the strength of the fire department (which has been decimated by Covid vaccination mandates and defections of firefighters).  I say, it’s time for Seattle Fire to simply let the homeless camps burn.  They should not be putting the firefighters in unnecessary danger, fighting fires which keep occurring due to the city government favoring the street-people over taxpaying citizens.  Let the homeless camps burn.

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