This week’s Electric Car News

This week, there have been some excellent stories on the state of the governments’ plans to require everyone to drive electric cars.  The state of Washington had already passed their law that prohibits the sale or registration of gasoline-powered cars by 2035 (please note that the year WAS 2030, and now, for some reason, it is 2035).  That law decided me to buy a new gas-powered car sooner than planned, because I will never, ever, buy an electric car.  Audi Q3, here I come!  Link leads to my preferred color, too.

Today, we have the absolutely hilarious story out of California.  This week, the California Air Resources Board did the same thing as Washington-banned gas-powered cars as of 2035.  What makes it hilarious is the fact that the State electric grid operator has just issued a new directive for the entire state, that, due to a heat-wave coming this weekend (summer weather), Californians are urged to conserve energy, by limiting their use of large appliances, turning up the temp on their air-conditioners, and…wait for it…not charge their electric vehicles between 5 and 9PM!!  [linked article discusses both issues] So the state that is urging all its residents to switch to electric vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is now telling them not to charge those electric vehicles to avoid shutting down the electric grid.  And the state bureaucracy sees absolutely no conflict between those two directives.

And here’s what Californians are saying about the contradictory directives.  Bwaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

And if those weren’t enough, there’s another hilarious story out of Norway, which has always been on the cutting-edge of “green energy”.  It seems that Tesla has sold quite a number of vehicles in Norway, and for some reason they are not performing well.  So a bunch of angry Norwegians are going on a hunger strike to get Tesla’s attention to their grievances!  Here’s a taste.

Norway-Tesla-hunger 1

You simply can’t make this stuff up!

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