R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II, a Truly Great Lady

Britain’s longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II died today, September 8, 2022.  She was born the same year as my mother, 1926, and lived to 96.  She lived her long life in service to her country, with not a hint of scandal relating to herself.  She remained calm, cool, and reserved, in spite of all the scandals around her offspring, and their offspring.  Her passing means that the last member of an upright generation is gone, and we are left with the dregs.

King Charles III is just shy of stupid, and has supported the dismantling of the world economy in service to the huge “climate change” hoax.  Prince Andrew is trying to live down his profligate life in the company of Jeffrey Epstein, and Princess Anne has mostly disappeared from public life.  But Queen Elizabeth never let her composure slip, and remained strong until the end.

I was very fortunate to have seen her, if only for a moment, in 1983, when she and Prince Philip visited Seattle Children’s Hospital.  I was a pharmacy technician, and I watched at the pharmacy outpatient window, flanked by Secret Service, as she and Philip walked across from one ward to another.  It was just a fleeting glimpse, but I was impressed all the same.

So, Farewell, Great Queen, and may you rest in peace.  God Love You, and Keep You.

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