Tiffany Smiley vs Patty Murray debate?

It seems that the Leftist Everett Herald was going to host a debate between the “Mom in tennis shoes” and her young, intelligent, productive challenger recently, but Murray refused to be in the same room with the first person to pose any kind of threat to her power.  Gee, I wonder why.  Murray insisted on separate interviews, where the two candidates answer pre-arranged questions.  Yeah, so Patty could take a long time and consider her answers, rather than trying to think on her tennis-shoe-clad feet.

Per Bonchie, over at RedState, Tiffany Smiley “went ballistic”, and really lit into the incumbent for being such a coward.  Since I don’t read the local press, I missed this entirely.  Here is a quote from the linked article, which you should go over and read anyway-it’s quite good:

I’ll get to some of what Smiley said in a moment, but first, can we talk about how ridiculous it is to be holding something like this on Zoom in September of 2022? Why would the Everett Herald not do this in a live, public format? If the decision to do it on a video call was made because of COVID, then that says everything you need to know about the newspaper involved.

Regardless, Smiley came locked and loaded. She unleashed on Murray, pointing out that the Democrat has been in power for 30 years and all Washington has got out of it is managed decline. Seattle is a dumpster fire of a once beautiful city where crime and homelessness are out of control. The cost of living has exploded, and as Smiley also notes, fentanyl coming over the border has hit her state hard.

The article contains a Twitter video for you to watch, and some excellent analysis.  I also understand that Murray was interviewed on CNN, with interesting consequences (article by Jason Rantz).

I urge my readers to go ahead and read both the articles, and:


P.S.  I fervently hope that our other senator, Maria Can’t-Vote-Well is quaking in her boots, because she is next.

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