Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #217: Opposites

For some reason, I’m feeling very oppositional today.  And I caught all these opposites on our shopping trip this afternoon!  My readers will know that I am opposed to the government’s insistence that we all drive electric cars, for reasons discussed in many previous posts here.  I happen to live in a far-left-environmental-wacko area of the country, and I think we have more Teslas per capita than anywhere outside California.  Just this afternoon, I saw two next to each other in the parking lot.  One white, one black.


Oh, yeah!  And they are pointing in opposite directions, too!

The store we were shopping in has a great display of ceramic rice and soup bowls.  One plain.


And one fancy.


Earlier in the afternoon, my husband was shopping for some dress slacks to wear to a conference we will be attending in October.  While he was in the dressing room, I looked over the clothes on the rack.  Suit jackets.



And fancy.


The owner of our home is our back cat, Kikyo.  Here she is, all stretched out (long).


And here she is, in a compact ball.

Kikyo on unmade bed

The two halves of our own state of Washington are opposites.  Eastern Washington is much drier and has wide fields and grasslands.

While here in Western Washington, there is water, water, everywhere you look, and things tend to be green all year.

Coming back to our own backyard, here is what it looks like in winter.

And in the summer.

Here’s the Link to Tina’s Original Post for this week.  And Patti’s too!

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