Today’s Electric Car Story

It’s priceless!  The story on Fox News about a Canadian man who bought his Tesla in 2013, and needs to replace its battery (equivalent to the engine in a gas-powered car).  It is well-known that lithium-ion batteries eventually lose the ability to maintain a charge, and must be replaced.  What is not so well-known, and definitely NOT mentioned in the marketing materials for an electric car, is that the cost of a replacement battery can be up to half of the cost of the car!

How would you like to have to spend half the cost of your car every few years when its engine fails?  You wouldn’t like it?  Well, that should give you a pretty good idea of how the Canadian man felt when he was told that the cost of the new battery would be $26,000.  With his car in the shop, Tesla has locked him out of the car until he pays up!

Just one more reason to seriously consider whether it would be a good idea to buy that electric car.

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