Welcome, once again, to Joe Biden’s America

If it looks to you like America is going to Hell in a hand basket, you are not alone.  Today’s news seems to contain numerous stories of deteriorating conditions in our cities, including huge increases in homicide, carjacking, organized retail theft, kidnapping, explosions, and just general mayhem.  Nearly every day, I see a new story of a missing Mom, a missing teenager, or a missing college student.  And, in the end, these stories end with the missing person being found dead.

Here are some recent stories that contribute to the feeling that dystopia has arrived.

Woman found stabbed to death on sidewalk in Chicago.

McDonalds CEO warns of Crime in Chicago.  The company recently moved its headquarters from the suburbs to downtown.  They may be regretting that decision.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tells city to put up and deal with criminals.

Chicago police officers leave department in record numbers.

As violent crime rises in Portland and across the nation

Oregon sheriff warns of surging violent crime in Portland.

Fentanyl crisis in the Pacific Northwest

Portland police look for exit, say they’re “burned out”.

And this is just a small number of stories on two cities.  The rest of the country is suffering from the same issues.  Big cities are defunding their law enforcement departments, handcuffing their police officers (Washington’s state legislature has passed bills reducing the ways police officers can fight crime), and releasing criminals back onto the streets to offend over and over. Please also note that both of the cities above are run by almost exclusively DemocRats.  As are most big cities in America, including cities in what are mostly conservative states.  The Left ruins everything it touches, in Joe Biden’s America.


From the day he was inaugurated, Joe Biden and his party have essentially thrown our southern border wide open, inviting in hordes of unskilled, poor illegal immigrants from Central and South America.  The totally inept Vice President Kamala Harris was given the “border czar” title, but she has not visited the border herself, and still declares the border “closed”.  This is what “closed” means to the Biden/Harris administration.

The truth about the open southern border revealed.  This article contains words like Fentanyl, crime, felons, and Covid.

Opinion: Southern border is a crisis and disaster, demanding action.

Homeland Security shows 2 million illegal immigrant apprehensions at southern border.


The Left ruins everything it touches, in Joe Biden’s America.

From the Obama administration’s first days until very recently, the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates near zero, and reinforced that level during the government-manufactured Covid depression.  The government has printed money in the trillions, creating dependency all the way.  This money-printing has caused the stock markets to boom.  Now, however, the money chickens have come home to roost; inflation has skyrocketed since Biden took office, and most Americans have discovered that they can no longer afford many of the products they have been buying.  The inflation rate has surpassed 8%, and shows no sign of decreasing; so the Federal Reserve has started aggressively increasing interest rates.

This has caused the expected sharp drop in the stock market.  Just today, the markets entered “Bear Market” territory.  The hard-earned and saved retirement accounts of most Americans have plummeted, and that includes yours truly.

Despite a summer rally, September may set the mark for this bear market.

Stock market news: live updates, stocks crater.

Dow closes at lowest level in almost two years.

I have ample savings not in the market, but there are millions of ordinary Americans who are suffering today, worried that they might outlive their savings.  Thank the DemocRats.  And they are working on making it worse.  Their plans for higher taxes on business, many more regulations on business and finance, and support for unions’ higher wages and onerous work rules, bode ill for our economy in the coming two years.  The Left ruins everything it touches, in Joe Biden’s America.


And then, there’s the Education economy.  We have all heard the stories of angry parents attending school board meetings, asking about the pornography appearing in school libraries under the guise of “sex education”.  And the stories of parents kept in the dark, when schools begin “gender transitions” of young children.  Not to mention the Critical Race Theory teaching children that they are oppressors, due simply to the color of their skin.  Also remember that the teachers unions, which spread this evil philosophy, are the primary funders of DemocRat politicians.  The Left ruins everything it touches, in Joe Biden’s America.


That’s just the start.  On the Covid front, military members are still being discharged for refusing the Covid “vaccines” that are mandated for all government workers by the Biden Health Nazis.

US Navy discharges 240 service members for not accepting vaccine.

3400 troops involuntarily separated due to not vaccinated.

US Army to begin discharging soldiers who refuse Covid vaccine.

Coast Guard discharging unvaxxed members.

Between the Covid vaccines, admission of homosexual and “transgender” soldiers, and women in combat roles, the Biden administration is hollowing out the military from within.  All the services have been unable to meet their recruitment goals this year.  The Left ruins everything it touches, in Joe Biden’s America.


And then, there’s Joe Biden on the world stage.  It is painfully obvious that he is suffering from advancing dementia, yet his handlers continue to let him bumble and make statements that they are continually having to “walk back”.

Biden’s humiliating actions in London for Queen’s funeral.

Biden pledges US troops will defend Taiwan, much to everyone’s surprise.

Biden warns Putin against use of nukes.

Biden’s shambling speech at UN conference.

BidenCredibilityOver-not pandemic

The Left ruins everything it touches, in Joe Biden’s America.  And they are doing it on purpose.  The Left wants this Greatest Country on God’s Green Earth brought low, and so far they are doing a pretty good job of it.

If this isn’t the America you signed up for, it would be a good idea to make sure you vote in November.  Vote all the DemocRats Out!  You can help save our country.

Hat Tip to Dennis Prager/Prager U for Featured Image in this post.

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