Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #218: Over the Hill

At age 73, I still don’t think of myself as “over the hill”.  However, I have taken some hills in my long life.  Here in Western Washington, we are hemmed in by the Cascade Mountains to the East, and we cross them often.  On the way to Stevens Pass, the road winds by Mount Index.


In Eastern Washington, across the Cascades, my very favorite landscape is “shrub-steppe” terrain, of rolling hills.  For some reason, even when the grass on the hills is brown, I think they are just beautiful.  Our terrain was created thousands of years ago, when the Ice Age glaciers retreated.

The left picture above is in Wenatchee, on the East bank of the Columbia River.  The right picture is near Ellensburg.

On our road trip to Colorado, we passed through similar countryside in Oregon and Montana.  It made me feel right at home!

Shrub-Steppe Terrain, Montana


This is in Oregon.  In April, the hills were green.

Speaking of “over the hill”, see the moon over the hills in Leavenworth?


And the same moon, over the North Cascades!


This bridge takes you over the foothills, to the base of Mount St. Helens.


These aren’t really hills, but I thought this fabric on a chair in a doctor’s office looked like hills.


Around here, there are a number of lakes which have nature trails around them.  And you can only see so far ahead, due to the fact that they curve.  You always wonder what is around the next bend.

totem Lake Boardwalk

This one is at Totem Lake in Kirkland.  There’s an exit for it on the freeway, but I’m betting that most drivers don’t even know that there is a real Totem Lake.


This one is at Narbeck Wetland, just a couple of miles from our house.

And this photo gives a whole new meaning to “over the hills”.


These rolling hills are in Tennessee, and we were way “over” them in the airplane!

Here’s the link to Tina’s Original post for this week.  And Patti’s too.

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