Signs of Spring in the Pacific Northwest

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a varied terrain, ranging from the high Cascade Mountains splitting the state North to South; and lowlands in the West, going down to the Pacific Ocean.  Today, there are signs of Spring from both places. First, The North Cascades Highway (Highway 20) runs from the small city of …

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #96-Crop the Shot

I like to call it "Zoom-in-Zoom Out".  Instead of taking one photo and cropping out the extraneous features, I find a subject and zoom closer in on it, to see the finer and many times more interesting features that might be missed in the wider view. I took these one day at our favorite day …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

At the Diablo Lake Overlook, along Washington State Highway 20 (North Cascades Highway), Mountain Shadows.  It is late afternoon. But when you zoom out a little...  Shadows disappear. And you see the blue-green glacial waters of Diablo Lake, behind Diablo Dam, on the Skagit River.