Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #228: \\\ Diagonals ///

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the urge to put a couple of keyboard diagonals in the post title!  Even the “number or hashtag” sign is made up of diagonals.  Nature presents us with diagonals all the time.


This shrub-steppe hillside in Eastern Oregon presents an obvious diagonal against the sky.  For that matter, the clouds also are diagonal, opposite that of the hillside.  Our terrain in Eastern Washington is much like the above.

These diagonal hillsides are in the Wenatchee area, one on each side of the Columbia River.


Looking up at the tall buildings from the ground in downtown Seattle, they al look like they are leaning, or diagonal, even when they really are set perpendicular to the ground.

Our Townsend’s Warbler and Red-breasted Nuthatch always perch diagonally on the suet feeders.  They are ever alert to their surroundings, and always look up when pecking at the suet.


The branches of the vine maple grow diagonally from the base of the tree, and that male Junco sits diagonally on the diagonal branch!


While waiting for my husband to try on some clothes at a local department store, I spotted these colorful silk ties, resting diagonally on the shelf.


These two mountainsides above Diablo Lake in the North Cascades form two intersecting diagonals.  It’s fortunate that I was able to capture the moon between them, with its diagonal indicating the half-moon phase.


This sculpture of a fisherman bringing in his catch forms a very powerful diagonal.  You can tell that he is exerting effort (see the wide stance to balance his weight) to haul in the net, heavy with fish.

Finally, this is not my photo.  It took me a fairly long time after becoming immersed in the Harry Potter Universe, to figure out that the Wizarding shopping street in London, “Diagon Alley”, actually means “diagonally”!  Also, the dark magic street in London, “Knockturn Alley”, says “nocturnally”!

Diagon Alley

Here’s the link to Pattis’ Original post for this week.  And Tina’s too!  Have a good week, everyone.







3 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #228: \\\ Diagonals ///

  1. Well RB, I thought I knew all there was to know about Harry and his wizarding world but I must admit although I thought of Diagon Alley immediately I hadn’t noticed Knockturn Alley. You learn something new every day! Excellent choices for the challenge. All are terrific but I especially liked the ties because they are so different and unique!

  2. Great collection, RB. I love that you included some not-so-obvious choices like the row of neckties and the nuthatch. Great ideas. And thanks for the info on Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley. I never thought about that!

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