Photos of the Day, Oddballs

These two photos have absolutely nothing to do with each other.  The first one was captured at a used-car dealer I visited this afternoon.  The car next to me pulled in just as I was turning off the engine.  It belongs to an employee there.  The dealer does not handle cars like this one.


Isn’t that a gorgeous 1960s Corvette?  That’s an original, when they were real sports-cars, not the behemoths they have become.

This second picture was shot on my way home.  I never would have noticed what was wrong with the sign, if I had not been stopped at a traffic light and had time to really look at it.  Can you spot the glaring error?


I think they would have had room for the missing letter.  I wonder if the business even is aware of the misspelling on their sign?  Can you spot it?

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