Wow! That was fast! New car in about four hours.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the local Audi dealer, ostensibly to look at a car I might be interested in buying.  It turned out that the dealer had exactly the model and color that I wanted.  So, we took a test drive around the neighborhood, and I decided to buy it.  Since our Dictator has ruled that we may not buy a gasoline-powered car after 2035 (it used to be 2030, and I don’t remember hearing that it changed), I decided to move up my new car purchase from 2024 to today.  My old car, which I just loved to death, was a 2008 model, with few of the modern bells and whistles.

So, within four hours of my arrival, I became the new owner of a 2022 Audi Q3.  Here it is.

This one has a lot more bells and whistles.  I think I’m really going to like having Apple CarPlay, which links the car’s display to my iPhone 13 Pro, so I can use all its functions.  It’s already linked to the phone, so I can make hands-free calls if I want to, and use the Maps function for navigation.  And I almost forgot one of the best things about the car.  It uses Regular gas!  I’m saving $0.40 per gallon now.

I don’t know if this will be my last new car, but I sure intend to drive it as much as I can.  Sorry, I just can’t resist.  “Up Yours, Dictator Jay Inslee”, and all your environmental wacko buddies.  I will be driving my gasoline-powered car forever.

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