Not only can the Left not tolerate humor, they cannot even recognize it!

A Ricochet friend posted the above meme on Facebook this week.  Facebook actually fact-checked it, and labeled it “False Information”!  Now, I’m sure my readers are much smarter than that, and can immediately tell that it is humorous.  It obviously makes fun of the emails that used to be very common in our in-boxes, from a Nigerian Prince or head of state, telling the recipient that he can get a portion of a fortune held by the Nigerian.  Receiving that money depends on the gullible recipient withdrawing money from his own account to send to the “Nigerian”, after which he will receive the big payout.  Of course, this is only a scam, and the recipient finds his own bank accounts drained by the scammer.

To show how smart my Ricochet friends are, another member replied:

That is false information, and I don’t find it funny at all.

I responded to that Nigerian man’s emails, over and over again, and he never sent me a dime.

Just your funny for the day, and an admonishment to never get so glum that you can’t respond to and recognize humor when you see it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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