Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #219: A Treasure Hunt

This week, Tina has sent us on a guided treasure hunt, with a list of subjects to capture with our cameras.  I think I can find them all.  Here we go!

First on the list is A Pet.  My readers will all know that I have a profusion of photos of our pet (owner), Kikyo the black cat.  Here are a couple of my favorites.


This is Kikyo during our big heat-wave in 2021.  You wouldn’t want to be in 90-degree heat if you were all covered in black fur, either!


I call this her “vulture” position, since our kitchen table is to the right of her cat tree.  She watches us eat very closely, looking for an opportunity to pounce.  She never finds one.

Here comes the Sun, #2.


Sunset over the North Pacific Ocean, seen from the deck of the Crystal Symphony cruise ship.

Seeing the Sun for the first time-BigFork Cabin, MT 2017

This is perhaps the most important “sun” photo I have ever taken, in Big Fork, Montana in 2017.  We arrived on a Wednesday, and due to the forest fires close to us, we didn’t see the sun until Saturday.

Next, we have Clouds.  Now, I make a practice of getting pictures of cloud formations wherever we are.  So it’s a matter of choosing which ones to use!

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now,

From Up and Down, and still somehow,

It’s Clouds illusions I recall,

I really don’t know clouds at all.

—Joni Mitchell

Here are clouds from Up Above.

And from Down Below.


I saw the clouds part on Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

Next up, we have Reflection.  I’m also always looking for reflections around me, and it’s pretty easy when you live surrounded by big and small bodies of water!

These boats are at the marina at the Waterfront Place in Everett, Washington, where I live.


And on Silver Lake, about a mile from our house, clouds reflected in the lake.

Next, we have a child.  We don’t have kids of our own, but we do see many on our travels.  This family was getting their lunch in the same building as we were, and the Washington State Fair this year.


He has boots just like Mama!


These kids were enjoying the ride on the Washington State Ferry to Kingston.

Our next treasure is umbrellas.  Now, I don’t have the colorful ones that Tina seems to specialize in, but we have encountered some lately.


Just this past June in Leavenworth, we had lunch at the place next door.  I was impressed by the flowers in the hanging baskets near the umbrella.  Icicle Brewing does make excellent beer.

Lunch-Umbrellas-Hillsdale Phoenix 2011

These umbrellas shaded us in Phoenix, at the Arizona Biltmore, where we had lunch at a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar in 2011.

Our next treasure is a Truck.


Well, maybe half a truck!  Spotted in Cheyenne, Wyoming on our recent road trip.

Jack Daniel Truck

And the original Jack Daniel Distillery delivery truck.

Next, how about some Autumn Foliage?  We don’t have such good fall colors as they have on the East Coast, but we can find some.

Fluffy-AutumnRed Japanese Maple

This colorful Japanese Maple tree is in my own backyard.

ButchartLookingDown, Victoria BC
Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC

Since our anniversary is in October, when we go to Victoria the fall colors are out.

Finally, Tina asks for some Fun Finds.

BigfootOnBass, North Bend WA

This has got to be one of my most fun finds!  Did you know that Bigfoot could play the cello?


I just had to get a photo of this server’s t-shirt, at the Japanese restaurant in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  She is blaming all her kids on the sake!

Finally, in Colorado Springs, we spent some time at a mall.  On the sidewalk outside the mall, there was a display of sculptures by local artists.  They were all fun, but I especially liked this one.  You can see its name on the plaque at the bottom.

Sculpture-ColoSprings-Man Apart

Thanks, Tina, for our fun treasure hunt!

Here’s the Link to Tina’s Original Post for this week.  And Patti’s too!

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