Sunday Stills: #Those fleeting moments in life

I have managed to capture many of life’s fleeting moments in my backyard, with my iPhone 13 Pro.  What has more fleeting moments than most?  That would be birds.  Every moment is fleeting for them, and they do not concentrate on any one activity for more than a moment, because they always have to keep one eye out for predators.

For some reason, our backyard visitors aren’t too afraid of us, and will come within a couple of feet of me when I’m standing on the patio.  Here are some fleeting bird moments.

Red-breasted Nuthatch10-9-22



The ocean waves are also fleeting, never the same way twice, constantly moving and changing.

Keep your eyes open and camera ready, to capture all those fleeting moments.

Here’s the link to Terri’s Original Post for this week.

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